BeginningThe friendship group is going to homecoming, Lou, who is part of the friendship group, tells the group that she is going outside to get some fresh air which makes the other friends in the friendship group confused. Violet goes to try and find her when they are about to announce homecoming king and queen but isn't successful so they all try to find her and find her brutally murdered.
Middle Harriet who is part of the friendship group finds a big secret which she is about to tell the whole group but before she does the murderer who killed Lou also murders Harriet which means Violet, Maisie and Iris are back to square one on trying to solve the mystery.
End Maisie and Iris are gives the homecoming dress by her mum who thought was one of theirs as it was in Harriet’s car which is what gives the murderer away as the dress was actually Violets and shows blood at the bottom of the dress. Violet goes to jail. The two girls find out that Violet murdered Lou by accidentally lashing out on Lou by pushing her and making a shelf full of trophy’s fall on Lou’s head causing her to die. Violet was in shock at the time and doesn't notice that the blood was at the end of her dress, she didn't want to be found as her life would be ruined if she had to go to jail, reasons why she murdered Harriet also.

Main characters

Iristrying to solve the murder
Maisie trying to solve the murder
Harriet trying to solve the murder
Lou frequently spoken about since the series is about who killed her.

Basic Plot/Idea for episode 1

It’s the night of Lou’s death, the first clip shows a crime scene where the camera is doing a tracking shot and following a police officer whilst he talks to someone about the murder of a teenage girl and how it’s devastating, the camera will then close up to the Lou who is dead on the floor. The next clip will show an extreme long shot showing part of the housing estate that it’s taken place in, at the bottom of the shot there will be text saying, ‘earlier that day’ which will then be shot in one of the bedroom of the girls with all of the main characters are in. The main characters will act like the usual typical girl but all have different characteristic such as the ‘nerd,’ ‘sporty,’ etc. just so the audience can relate to one. The camera follows Lou around since it’ll be the last time the audience will get an idea of what type of person she is until she dies. One at the homecoming Lou acts unusual throughout the night and tells the main characters that she’s going outside for fresh air which the other main characters are suspicious about but lets it slide. The presenter comes on stage just when Lou leaves to announce who are prom king and queen. Violet decides to go find Lou which ‘fails’ to do so and comes back to the friendship group. The presenter announces who is prom queen which is Lou but she is still nowhere to be seen. The whole group of girls decide to go find her all together but as they exit the hall they find their best friend Lou brutally murdered.


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